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Therapeutic Services

Person Centered Therapy

I try to meet you where you are in a given moment.  I find if I try to push you too hard too fast, you will naturally resist.  By encouraging you to open up about your needs and advocating for yourself, I find you will build confidence, comfort in communication, self-insight, and personal strength.  Also, by taking a person centered approach, I will organically incorporate elements of each of the above treatment models depending on your need at the time.

Art Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Strength Based

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Insight Encouragement

Supportive Therapy


Processing Psychotherapy

Other Creative Therapy Integration

Pyschiatric Medication Disclaimer:

I cannot prescribe medication.  However, upon the joint decision of this option, I will provide referral options and actively collaborate with them giving you services.  If you currently have a medication provider, with your signed consent, I will collaborate with him/her as well.

Regarding Substance Abuse Treatment:

I am willing to provide therapy in conjunction with your Substance Abuse Specialist, but I cannot provide this level of treatment.

Not Currently Accepting:

  • EAP (Employment Assistance Plan)
  • Children under age 15
  • New Couples or Families
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