About Me

My Vision

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor providing art therapy along with traditional "talk" therapy addressing trauma, anxiety, depression, relationships, parenting, and other challenges. I create a personalized approach (including utilization of techniques from art therapy, solution-focused, person and family centered, cognitive-behavioral, and Yalom therapeutic models) for the adolescents/adults served and empower you to develop the skills and confidence needed to address future issues. Art therapy provides the opportunity to further optimize possibilities for insight, processing, and developing new tools for expression of thoughts/ feelings in ways traditional therapy may not be able to bring about.

In addition to providing traditional therapy and art therapy, I am also a certified practitioner of the Mandala Assessment Research Instrument, an art based tool, and can provide distance/telehealth therapy which can be particularly helpful to those that cannot attend sessions in an office.

My Story

After working in the therapeutic field for the past 15 years, post-graduate studies, and in a variety of settings, I have now opened my own practice.  I am married, have one son and a cat, all of which I adore and keep me busy.

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